Our Mission

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think”- Margaret Mead

Our mission is to motivate our juniors by giving them freedom, by allowing them to be strong and independent, let them experience life on their own terms. We therefore introduce ‘Genius Hour’- a period in everydays’ schedule, when each junior gets to decide what he/she wants to learn, create or do! They’ll choose what they want to work on.

At Genius Juniors our Juniors as well as their mentors will have a constant learning environment. Even the mentors will get opportunities to reflect, collaborate and keep themselves aware of the latest research findings in the domain so that they can improve themselves in their role.
We also believe every child is unique. And we aim to find out the unique talent in every junior and help them master it. To quote Albert Einstein-

“Everyone is a genius
But if you judge a fish
On its’ ability to climb a tree
It will live it’s whole life believing it is a stupid”

It is therefore very important to discover that one particular talent that separates a junior from another and help him/her master it to become a Genius. Here at Genius Juniors our trained mentors will focus on the learning needs of our juniors through innovative learning methodology and try to understand the tiny child’s huge brain.


Our Vision

Our core team consists of people from different professional background with a common belief in the importance of life-building experiences. In tune with the present global demand. At Genius Juniors our aim is to create a safe and nurturing environment where the juniors will build their character based on a strong value system and excel in life as global citizens.

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